The Engineering Hub is the engineering

center of the planet, where all fleet

upgrades occur.

Engineering Hub Function:Edit

The Engineering Hub is used to Enhance and Evolve ship equipment. And allows you to increase Enhance level by upgrading the Engineering Hub.

NOTE: Enchancement levels are bound by the level of the build, while Evolution of items are not. Enchancements of item give small improvements with the cost of cubits and a upgrade energey/supply (re-charges over time) [ENERGY DOES NOT APPLY FOR PLAYERS that have become VIP/pay to win]. For Evolution of items they require "plans" to upgrade them and they are bound by the players level. Eg if the plan is for level 30 and up but the player is level 29, the player cannot upgrade the item until said level. Evolution also require chronological order from upgrade to upgrade. Eg. a level 20 item cannot be upgraded with a level 40 plan. players must level their item accordingly from 20 to 30, 30 to 40, and so on.