The Celestial Portal, by creating a link


to other destinations, allows us to

warp in ships from very great


Recruiting CommandersEdit

The Celestial Portal allows you to recruit and dismiss Commanders. You can recruit 2 commander types. Basic and Elite. Basic commanders can have rank D - C while Elite can have rank C - S. Basic Commanders require Lepton to be hired while Elite Commanders require Quark.

Getting Lepton and QuarkEdit

To get Lepton and Quark you have to Activate the portal. Activating the portal cost 20000 Cubits and charging it cost 2000 Cubits. you can activate it for free once a day.

You can tell there are Blue stuff surrounding the Portal and you can see numbers above the , thats Lepton. it is common when activating the portal and the numbers tell you how many you can get when you collect it. charging it will increase the amount of Lepton you get. The other one collectible at the portal is Quark. Quark is used to recruit Elite Commanders and they are uncommon at the portal. They are purple instead of blue at the portal. Since they are uncommon make sure you get the Quark at the highest number as possible